Our Constitution

Follow the link to see the SHASTY Constitution - learn how SHASTY operates from it's very basic foundation up to it's integration with the greater NFTY NE region. -SHASTY Constitution

Board Application

Follow the link to download a copy of the 2017-2018 SHASTY Board Application! - 2017 Board Application

Applications are due: 4/24/17
Applications are open to anyone between 8th-11th grade.

From the Constitution: Anyone who wishes to join the board shall submit an application, written by the youth director and approved by the board, for general executive board membership, speaking to their qualifications for and reasoning for being a board member. Applications will not be for any specific position, as overall board duties are considered priority to the responsibilities of any specific position. Any member between grades 9-12 can be a part of the SHASTY youth board. Nominations for membership may be submitted by any member.